20160716_131537Carmen Lau writes fairy tale- and folktale-inspired fiction. Her stories have appeared in a number of literary journals, in print and online. Her collection of short stories, The Girl Wakes, won Alternating Current’s 2015 Electric Book Award and is available now.

Carmen graduated from UC Davis with an MA in Creative Writing in 2009 and has resided around the world since then. She has been a full-time volunteer for Berkeley’s Tibetan Aid Project and taught English as a foreign language to both children and adults in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Now back in the States, she is embarking on a whole new adventure.

Writing-wise, Carmen is currently working on two projects: a novel tentatively called Wonderhaven and a collection of “hometown stories.”

She has this to say about the world: There are kind people everywhere.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Carmen
    I was your counselor at Monache. I recently saw your name in a past interview by Shimmer. I’m so pleased to hear of your literary achievements and ongoing pursuits. I moved to Southern Oregon in 2001, became a watercolorist, and began teaching watercolor in my studio. I was Artist-in-Residence at Crater Lake National Park. I am also in a book group and enjoy monthly book discussion groups. All my best wishes for a fulfilling 2016! Kim Faucher

    1. Hello Carmen and Mrs. Faucher. I had lost track of you since I visited you at Davis . I am so happy to see that your writing is starting to get recognized. I will always be your biggest fan. I knew there was something special rolling around in that brain of yours. Hope you are happy and creating stories that you and your readers enjoy.

  2. Carmen, so happy to see you are experiencing success with your writing. You have no idea how happy that makes me. The little freshman with more talent than any student I had before or since is now a writer, just like the one’s you used to study. I had lost track of you since I last visited at Davis.

    Hope you are happy and having fun with your talent. Your biggest fan,
    Mr. Hackett

    1. Hi, Mr. Hackett!! I’m so glad to hear from you. Yeah, life’s been an adventure for the last few years. The writing thing is taking off slowly, but this year has been the most fun. I’m actually going to California Institute of the Arts tomorrow to do a reading because Brian Evenson, one of the writers who blurbed the book, is teaching it in a creative writing class! Isn’t that a trip? Your encouragement always kept me going. How is everything going at GHHS?

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