The Girl Wakes wins Electric Book Award!!

I was stunned to find out this morning that my story collection, The Girl Wakes, has been selected as the winner of Alternating Current’s Electric Book Award. It’ll be published and available at the beginning of 2016.

Here’s a description of the collection. (I notice that it’s been subtly tidied up by the editors — thanks!)

This full-length story and novella collection is for the girl in all of us – whatever horrors that might mean. Dark, strange, lyrical, full of frustrated desire and whimsy, this collection paints a vivid picture of femininity in the clutches of fantasy, reflecting the brutality of growing up a girl. Warning: there are several witches within. There is also a tender heart, a painful core, and a disastrous coming-of-age of every and any girl, told through dreams and metaphorical fairytales that mirror real life and are not for the faint of heart.

Through thirteen stories and two novellas, Carmen Lau weaves tales of a girl who is the sole survivor of the murder of her family at the hands of a witch who mysteriously loves her; a radically different take on the Little Red Riding Hood tale – described as “too subversive to be sentimental” by Locus Online Reviews; a sad story told in the form of a joke (because sometimes that’s the only way to deal with the terrible); a girl who becomes queen of a fantastical land, but is haunted by the continual visits of her abused mother and schizophrenic cousin; the fractured story of a girl who marries into myth; and other narratives too fantastical to be real and too real to be fantasy.

I’m so excited, as Alternating Current seems to be a great publisher to work with. I’ll be receiving Schuler Benson’s The Poor Man’s Guide to an Affordable, Painless Suicide (published by Alternating Current) in the mail soon so I can participate in the Goodreads discussion on the collection. More on that soon!


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