Filing cards; Nabokov; writing methods (part 2)

I tried Nabokov’s method of writing parts of a novel on cards.


I like it. It’s easier to concentrate on the words, instead of getting distracted and overwhelmed by thoughts like: “Oh, and this needs to happen, and I need to explain that.”


It is a different experience from typing up snippets on the computer. Because I can’t delete and re-type words, and because I only have a small space to convey something in, I find myself being more careful about word choice.


It’s not a method for quickly producing something.


The next step will be to expand each card into a section or chapter.

(I know very little of what’s on the cards makes any sense right now. In short, the story is set in a future when child psychics rule the world. I won’t say any more — better to write it out than to describe it.)


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