Filing cards; Nabokov; writing methods

Nabokov arises early in the morning and works. He does his writing on filing cards, which are gradually copied, expanded, and rearranged until they become his novels.

I’ve had a new idea for a longer project rolling around in my mind. I think I will try Nabokov’s method (with index cards) to write the first draft of it. It seems similar to my usual method anyway — writing very short pieces that may or may not become a sequential whole. The only real difference would be writing the pieces out by hand, rather than typing out the pieces in one document on a computer. I’m curious how the quality of the writing will differ.

I was originally going to joke that I’ll pass on the rising early in the morning part — but you know what? I think I will try that as well.

I’ll post pictures of it on the blog as it comes along. I always find it interesting to see how writers work, so I’ll try to make this attempt transparent.

(Quote from an Art of Fiction interview.)


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