Twine — the future of literature?

I’m behind the times, so I just recently discovered the fascinating phenomenon that is Twine. For those who don’t know, Twine is kind of like those old choose-your-own-adventure stories but in a web format.

It’s really interesting. There are the usual Dungeons & Dragons type adventures with forking paths, but there are also some that could be considered literature. The Arboretum by Matthew Burns is basically a story put up line by line. No choices. But because you have to get through it clicking line by line, the words have more weight. You dwell on them more. You experience them, in a way you usually don’t with other kinds of text. This could be the medium of choice for certain poets.

This is especially good for introspective narratives because the way the text appears is similar to the way thoughts kind of float to the surface of our minds in real-time. I’ve already seen at least a couple of these games that center around the nuances of social interaction.

There’s a lot of potential to this format. I can’t wait to start exploring it.


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