Novella / Novella pair; Mirrors in fairy tales

So I’m working on what I think will turn out to be a pair of novellas, both of them revolving around the lives of girl queens of fantastical realms. Tentatively the project is called Starfall/Starfall. One is the story of a “good queen,” the other is the story of a “bad queen.”

Maybe I’m riffing a bit on the mirror in fairy tales. What can a mirror show a girl? Herself, or another world entirely, flipped around. At some point what she sees in the mirror will be filtered through what she thinks others see. In fairy tales the mirror holds magical significance, acting as thresholds to other worlds (Through the Looking Glass), or being able to show hidden truths (Snow White).

This reflects (ha!) some of the questions I started with in writing these novellas. I wanted to explore the issue of a girl’s identity, the kind of idealism it is mixed with, how womanhood can be a threat to it. Also, the hunger for another world/reality, or conversely the fear of one.

I hope they succeed in being entertaining and thought-provoking. 


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