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Introducing: Blog Projects

Blog Projects

an experiment

Profiles of Common Things, Catalogue of Dreams and Queen of Starfall are concurrent projects live-drafted on this blog. I have found that posting regularly on a blog lends itself well to creating series of short, compact pieces that focus on description and evocation of mood. In other words, flash fiction. This is my attempt at using the blog format as a tool in creating three different longer works (novel/novellas-in-flashes or collection of flashes) through the act of steady accumulation.

My prediction is that an arc and concealed narrative will naturally form as the projects accumulate. Thematic unity, at the very least, can be expected. The projects will be ongoing until deemed finished.

Here are the projects:

Profiles of Common Things


This is an attempt at looking at the common things in our lives in uncommon ways — objects, body parts, etc. What meaning can be derived from such study? Each profile can be read as having been composed by the same character, or not.

Catalogue of Dreams


I know so many people who have overwhelming nightmares. I too used to have solely nightmares, until I learned to turn them into good dreams. This project springs from the simple wish to communicate the experience of having good dreams to those who rarely do.

Queen of Starfall

Fairy Tales by Mary Gow

I am writing a novel about a human girl who becomes queen of a fantastical realm, tracking her psychologically realistic struggles with the situation. Queens of Starfall is a reinterpretation of that project — let’s call it an experimental revision draft. There will not only be one girl and one realm, but many girls and many realms, all called Starfall. Or perhaps they are all one and the same.


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