Writing Process

Making ourselves heard

Interesting bit from Indiana Review’s interview with poet Vievee Francis:

RL: Can you talk a little bit about your theory about writers? You were saying a little bit yesterday that you feel that all writers write because at some point they weren’t heard. Can you talk about that a little?

VF: Well, I probably shouldn’t have said all, but I’m going to stand on most. Writing certainly is a way to communicate. It’s a way to negotiate our movement through the world. And it’s been my experience that when I meet a writer who is writing for their lives, if you will—that’s what they do, that’s what they’re committed to, that’s how they identify themselves—then yes, if I talk to them long enough I get to that point where they discuss not being heard. Where they’ve decided that this is how they’re going to make themselves heard. Even writers who claim that they’re just playing with the language for the language’s sake. When I meet the writer that isn’t trying to, on some level, say something about their own experience, about the world around them at some point in their lives, I’ll let you know. Hasn’t happened yet.Image


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