Addicted to “Let’s Play”

I have been watching “Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent” and “Amnesia: Justine” for what must be more than six hours. Yes, this is the way to spend a day off.

Really, though, Amnesia has a very good storyline. It has actual depth and all characters, even the villain, have their own story and believable motives. I’m impressed. I find myself thinking back to it and going, “Ohh, that’s what so-and-so meant,” and “Wow, so that means Daniel is even less of a clear-cut hero than I thought….”

Can video games be as thought-provoking and moving as books? Both attempt to create immersive worlds. The main difference is that video games require more overt participation from the… what, consumer? Audience? I don’t know what the term would be.

Next Sunday I’ll actually step out and do something.


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