A Sunday

Woke up around 11, resumed watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. Watched the first season, about five episodes. Took breaks to eat — bowl of cereal with banana; sandwich of pepperjack cheese, mayo, little sliced tomatoes, arugula, rings of white onion.

Upon finishing The Walking Dead, lay in bed trying to remember what I did last Sunday. Did I go out? It is not good for me to stay in two executive Sundays. Last Sunday I made dumplings.

Decided to go for a walk. Midway to downtown decided ice cream should be my goal. Poked my head into Ben and Jerry’s — too expensive, considering John’s $1 Scoop was just a short walk away.

Ran into co-workers/volunteers. Glad to see them but social skills had rusted from my day of TV-watching. Got ice cream and walked. Disappointing almond-pistachio flavor. Too many pistachios and an odd aftertaste. Thought about memories being more vivid when made with company.

Walking past Bank of America saw people setting up for Occupy Berkeley. A few cardboard signs, young people mostly. A blonde woman began clapping her hands and chanting something like, “What’s up Wall Street, how many babies have you starved today?” No one joined in her chant but she did not seem to mind. I appreciated her resolve. I ate my ice cream and studied the signs leaned against benches. One sign: artwork of marker on cardboard depicting a two-headed donkey-elephant hand puppet controlled by a man wearing a suit covered with dollar signs. The artwork was so blatant and crude I actually was moved in some strange way. Thought about graffiti in ancient Rome, though I don’t know much about it.

Walked away crunching the remainder of my plain cone steadily becoming excited. Good timing! I would see something happen. Something in me had known. Got a small house coffee at a cafe whose name I don’t remember. Half-and-half was running low and I kept pushing the dispenser forcing spurts of it to come rasping out. I became very focused trying to get as much as I could out. Black man in suit said, “They’re getting more half-and-half.” I stopped. They came out with a carton and the man gestured for me to go first. The cafe workers called the man “Sir” and I felt honored he was interacting with me and wondered who he was. White in his hair. A kindly demeanor. If I were in the mood to strike up conversation…. As I was walking out two Asian women went up to the counter and called the two workers “Boss.” Really relaxed attitudes. One worker said “I’m not the boss.” One lady said, “You’re the boss too!” … “Long time no see,” etc. Everyone seemed to know each other in that cafe. A warm and nice atmosphere. Will go back.

Outside it was beginning to get chilly. Decided it was too chilly to wait for Occupy Berkeley to “begin.” I will see it in full swing tomorrow, I thought. Walked back. I am a little mouse — snake? — in a burrow.


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