G and I talk about OccupyWallStreet

me:  man

i’ve been reading all this occupywallstreet stuff… there’s a tumblr where a bunch of people share their situations, have you seen it?

 garkay:  no
is it the protests?
 me:  yeah
 garkay:  what is even going on with that
do you know?


it’s a bunch of people who’re angry but not yet very organized lol
 garkay:  haha
 me:  i dunno, from what i know people planned over the internet to get together and occupy wall street, and there are just a bunch of different groups there… there’s an article about it somewhere lemme find it
 garkay:  are there any asians? I’m just curious
 garkay:  oic
I dunno man
some of these people who are complaining
my mom and dad made a combined income of 30K and somehow we survived
of course…they aren’t insured and a bunch of other stuff errr….hahaha it’s okay I’ll take care of them when they’re old
 me:  aw
 garkay:  also
how come these people don’t have a savings
I’m just being feisty
I understand…it fucking sucks right now
 me:  i think what really angers them is that a very few people seem to be doing very very well
 me:  haha
yes, america is spoiled
 garkay:  lol sometimes when the electricity goes out, and I have to take a cold shower…I think about how many people in the world have to do that every day
and I’m like “suck it up bitch”
 me:  but this could be a good chance for some introspection and maybe a refinement of attitude
 garkay:  perhaps…
there’s a whole lot of unrst right now
maybe the most powerful nations will fall
I mean…jesus so much unhappines
 me:  yeah
 garkay:  but…I feel like the thinking is a little flawed
we’ve been coasting in first world goodness for a long time
I dunno
and you know where all the goodness comes from
exploiting other countries
I mean
you talked about colonialism that one time
about teaching english
 me:  haha yes
 i dunno, that’s kind of what i mean… you’re right in that what americans are dealing with now are almost nothing compared to what those in poorer countries have to deal with… so maybe people will try to form a less exploitative approach, now that they have a taste of how it feels
 garkay:  haha but I don’t think they get it
with theit laptops in liberty plaza
hahaha and genreators
 me:  hmm
 garkay:  and starbucks
 me:  ha
yeah i dunno
 garkay:  I’m just playing devils advocate though
I know it sucks
I tried to find a job for a long time too
and it started to feel hopeless
but I think…
maybe the way they’re going about it is really stupid
yes…I think that is what bothers me
 me:  hahahaha
 garkay:  do you think that sitting around at the plaza
is going to change things?
people read it on the news for a while
and then they forget about it or become numb to it after a while
 me:  at least it’s drawing a lot of attention, and making people feel like there’s a chance to change things
 garkay:  but who’s actually coming up with a plan?
I mean
 me:  man, i hope it doesn’t just fade lol
 garkay:  seems liek the purpose right now is just to complain loudly
but like…why aren’t we thinking about
better systems
honestly a better system would beat wall street
 me:  that’s the first step! realizing that something can be improved
 garkay:  hmmm that’s true
 me:  this article i think says something about them deciding on what to ask for haha… lemme quickly read it to see if they’ve agreed on anything
 garkay:  lol
 me:  but yeah i think… you can come up with the best plan ever… but if you don’t complain loudly enough that the old way sucks… not many people will feel it’s necessary to implement the plan
 garkay:  okay, process…I can dig it
I dunno
my first
feeling of jadedness
oh my
I think it’s cuz
I saw so many protests at berk
and ended up they got the people down from the trees and cut it down anyway
occupation of buildings protesting fees
and end up some people get expelled or arrested
and then people forget about it again
but man maybe this is different…since it’s getting attention on a national level
 me:  yeah
i dunno, i’ve been having a vague feeling that things might start to get crazy lol
 garkay:  eeeeeeeeep
maybe crazy is good
and you’re in a DAMN good place
for crazy
historically speaking
 me:  who knows, maybe i’m just being dramatic haha… but yeah it just feels like that’s the only direction this is heading lol
 garkay:  haha
 me:  i feel like… ok so analogy time
last time kitty and i hung out we decided to go to the mall… and we were really hyper because we were using snus (like tobacco chew in a bag lol) and the bright mall lighting and all the great cheap stuff we were finding!
 garkay:  lol
 me:  we were like so “happy” and excited and sensory overloaded
and then i started to feel really sick
 garkay:  =/:/
 me:  like i had drunk too much… when i drink too much it feels really really terrible… and i had to put my head down to just get myself together lol
 garkay:  aww
 me:  i feel like america is leaving that super excited delusory state and heading somewhere else
 garkay:  hmmmm
but it’ll take some
unrest to get there?
 me:  yeah
i dunno… i hope with each try at a new order we’re heading towards something better
 garkay:  yes
 me:  what do you think? are we getting better?
sometimes it just seems like human weakness corrupts every good idea and attempt
 garkay:  hahaha
 me:  haha
but maybe we’re learning?
 garkay:  I hope so!
 me:  yeah, i really hope so haha
 maybe why you were so annoyed is because most of the occupiers look like privileged young white or white-washed people lol
i just watched a little video
 garkay:  Haha how was it
Well looks can be decwivig
Deceiving lol
Aren’t we quite privileged asian kids who had parents to pay for schooling
 me:  i mean it just made me think though… like… is it really democratic if there’s this limited group of people that’s heading it
 garkay:  Well dunno about deceptive looks I think we pull off that role
 me:  yeah, i consider myself pretty white-washed
 garkay:  You make a good point
 me:  like… i really don’t think i’d be a good representative for the real 99% lol
or what percent is it
 garkay:  Hahahaahhaa
For real
 me:  the percent that is not white or white-washed privileged lol
 garkay:  Wanna start a counter revolution?
 me:  hahahaha
 garkay:  Yes
But that percentage is undocumented lol
And aren’t going to speak up
 me:  yeah…
the other thing that i realized is that the formally educated are more likely to do something like this… and i guess it sort of shows the imbalance who gets educated and who doesn’t… who has the voice
 garkay:  Hahaha oh dear
We can try to look at this with some humor
 me:  hahaha
you know what is kind of sad, i feel sort of excited that i have more things to write about now lol
 garkay:  Yay haha
What do yu mean? Isn’t that a good thing
 me:  yeah, but it just feels kind of parasitic
i only feel a little bad lol
 garkay:  Lol
 me:  i mean like
 garkay:  Parasitic ?
 me:  for a long time i feel like young american writing was mostly about excess and boredom
 garkay:  Lol
And now?
 me:  now there might be real shit hitting the fan! real changes coming!
 garkay:  Haha yes!
 me:  fewer stagnant-relationship stories, more stories about riots lol
 garkay:  Hahahah will you be participating?
 me:  haha in the riots?
 garkay:  For research purposes
Of course lol
 me:  heck i am too chicken… i’ll prolly hang out in the shadows
 garkay:  Hahaha cool cool
 me:  and then writing about it lol
 garkay:  Hahaa that works…sometimes I think
That vague sense of disappointment
To be able to capture it
Maybe thats just the bored american thing again
Aww it’d be cool to go to ny
And just talk to some of those peopel
 me:  man yeah
ahhh… i wonder…
 garkay:  Inyernet
 me:  maybe i should seize the opportunity to go there haha
 garkay:  Hahaha yeah!
With your camera
 me:  man, why couldn’t it be in california lol
 garkay:  Like a journalist
Hahaha dude
 me:  hahaha
spoiled american talking

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