What I’m working on lately

A cat made of snow

Sometimes lists are helpful!

“What She Always Wanted” — a tiny cowboy story inspired by and dedicated to one of my best friends (pretty much done)

“Some Miraculous Births” — a look into science and sadness (midway through first draft, need to find the thread of where it’s going)

“A Memory of God” — a memory of God and mother (midway through first draft, have found the thread and need to follow it)

“Secretary of a Sad Detective” — a depressed detective, his silent secretary, dreams and racial identity (fumbling through first tentative draft)

“Huang Shan” — China, long-lost sisters, loneliness, psychic connection, visions, father, death and childhood (fumbling through first draft; lots written, lots discarded — one of those stories)

“Shanghai Friend” — an encounter with a fox spirit in Shanghai  (three-fourths way through first draft)


On back burner:

“Wendy the Inventor” — a fantasy story about a girl inventor, her loneliness and the golem who stumbles into her life (almost done? need ending)

“Sugar” — story about a man made of sugar and the girl who has to keep him company (have been revising for a while, wonder if it is worth it)

Various sorcerer stories

Devil’s Wife stories


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